Clone files

Clone the gist into your working directory:

git clone vagrant-ansible-neo
cd vagrant-ansible-neo

Ansible setup

Install the neo4j role into the working directory

ansible-galaxy install julienroubieu.neo4j -p .

Vagrant setup

Bring up the vagrant box

vagrant up --no-provision

Provision neo4j and it's pre-reqs (java etc)

vagrant provision

Confirm that neo4j is listening on the guest. It shouldn't be necessary, but do it anyway. Sometimes vagrant doesn't seem to honor the 7474:7474 guest/host port-forwarding rule until after "vagrant ssh" has been invoked once.

vagrant ssh -c "curl localhost:7474"

Confirm the host can connect to the guest's neo server. If you still can't connect, wait a while or try issuing the "vagrant reload" command and try again

curl localhost:7474