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What is teletouring?

Teletouring is all about working while traveling and bicycle touring as a telecommuter. Some amount of remote work is rapidly becoming the norm for lots of careers in different fields for many of reasons, but how to obtain or negotiate telecommuting time is outside the scope of this document. This guide will go over some enabling technology / gear and will briefly discuss how to choose a touring destination.

What kind of telecommuter are you?

Some telecommuting work may have a set duration, other work may have indefinite duration. You might have a flexible schedule or you might have to ensure availability during all standard business hours. A tour is still doable under any of these circumstances but you'll have to know what you're in for.

Extent of your self-reliance

If you want to travel on the cheap or you just like camping, *bikepacking* is a solid option. Here's a [sample equipment list]( Basically you'll want [standard camping gear]( which is as light as possible, plus tools for bike repair and whatever you need for handling your work with a *mobile power* setup.

Where to Go