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Epoch 2

2017: USA: AZ: Grand Canyon, North Rim 2017-07-03T06:53:26.189Z (55 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: AZ: Antelope Canyon & Horse Shoe Point 2017-07-03T06:52:57.184Z (65 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: Moki Dugway & Monument Valley 2017-07-03T06:52:11.809Z (19 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Grand Gulch & Cedar Mesa 2017-07-03T06:51:22.125Z (13 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Moab Area 2017-07-03T06:50:28.028Z (40 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Dead Horse Point 2017-07-03T06:49:59.207Z (10 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: San Rafael Swell 2017-07-03T06:49:03.462Z (9 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Grand Staircase 2017-07-03T06:48:00.651Z (77 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Bryce Canyon 2017-07-03T06:46:19.338Z (40 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Zion: Angels Landing 2017-07-03T06:45:57.972Z (34 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: UT: Smithsonian Butte 2017-07-03T06:44:28.984Z (15 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: NV: Vegas & Hoover Dam 2017-07-03T06:43:56.991Z (41 pics total) [post]
2017: USA: CO: Rabbit Valley 2017-07-03T06:43:28.474Z (13 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: UT: Escalante 2017-07-03T06:42:26.009Z (13 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: UT: Colorado Frontier 2017-07-03T06:41:52.012Z (13 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: UT: San Rafael Swell 2017-07-03T06:41:23.972Z (28 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: UT: Canyonlands 2017-07-03T06:38:46.647Z (21 pics total) [post]
2016: Holland: Rotterdam 2017-07-03T06:38:08.577Z (53 pics total) [post]
2016: Ecuador: Quito and Quilotoa 2017-07-03T06:37:20.784Z (54 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: UT: Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Zion 2017-07-03T06:36:30.172Z (114 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: Chicago: Architecture & Art Institute 2017-07-03T06:27:17.475Z (53 pics total) [post]
2016: USA: Chicago: Architecture & Art Institute 2017-07-03T06:26:40.245Z (56 pics total) [post]

Epoch 1

Holland: Randstad: Tulip Seasonpublished 2015-04-28T22:42:47.000Z (43 pics total)
Art, Sculpture: Random Studiopublished 2015-01-08T04:57:15.000Z (28 pics total)
Art, Sculpture: FrameBreakerpublished 2015-01-08T04:50:16.000Z (10 pics total)
Peru: Santa Cruz Trekpublished 2015-01-04T21:18:05.000Z (84 pics total)
Peru: Machu Pichu and Cuzcopublished 2014-12-18T04:10:22.000Z (34 pics total)
Bolivia: La Paz: Street Artpublished 2014-12-07T22:12:56.000Z (21 pics total)
USA: SF: Art de la Manchapublished 2014-11-29T05:12:58.000Z (20 pics total)
Mongolia: Horse trekking in the westpublished 2014-10-12T17:54:43.000Z (81 pics total)
Mongolia: Sagsai Kazakh Eagle Festivalpublished 2014-10-12T12:50:38.000Z (37 pics total)
Mongolia: Tov Aimag: Buddhist Templepublished 2014-08-29T14:24:48.000Z (17 pics total)
Mongolia: Tov Aimag: Monastery Mantraspublished 2014-08-29T08:55:44.000Z (32 pics total)
Mongolia: UlaanBaatarpublished 2014-08-13T23:17:27.000Z (11 pics total)
Germany: Berlin: Random Artpublished 2014-08-06T19:41:03.000Z (54 pics total)
Switzerland: Cycling the Gotthard Passpublished 2014-06-23T17:01:30.000Z (45 pics total)
France, Paris: Comparative Anatomy Museumpublished 2014-06-06T16:50:39.000Z (61 pics total)
Kenya: Mombasapublished 2014-05-23T06:04:47.000Z (3 pics total)
Misc: Gear for Trek and Travelpublished 2014-05-16T19:05:28.000Z (5 pics total)
Lebanon: Beirut and Byblospublished 2014-05-16T15:26:00.000Z (14 pics total)
Misc: World Currencypublished 2014-04-22T23:57:33.000Z (9 pics total)
Italy: Milanpublished 2014-04-18T13:38:05.000Z (5 pics total)
2014: Tanzania: Kilimanjaro: Summit Daypublished 2014-03-15T14:52:49.000Z (27 pics total)
Zambia: Victoria Falls and Livingstonepublished 2013-12-31T17:54:48.000Z (22 pics total)
SouthAfrica: uKhahlamba, the Barrier of Spearspublished 2013-12-22T19:10:41.000Z (38 pics total)
SouthAfrica, FreeState: Drakensberg Mtnspublished 2013-11-25T22:28:45.000Z (13 pics total)
Czech Republic: Sedlec Ossuarypublished 2013-10-20T15:26:22.000Z (15 pics total)
Misc: Bike Picspublished 2013-09-03T13:13:33.000Z (12 pics total)
Croatia, Zagreb: hacklab artpublished 2013-09-03T12:53:10.000Z (18 pics total)
Spain: Barcelona MACBA and graffitipublished 2013-05-10T09:57:39.000Z (16 pics total)
France: Parispublished 2013-05-10T09:38:29.000Z (39 pics total)
Korea: Seoul Fish Marketpublished 2013-04-18T00:34:09.000Z (11 pics total)
Japan: Kamakura, Graveyards, Sakurapublished 2013-04-18T00:04:28.000Z (21 pics total)
Japan: Tokyopublished 2013-02-20T11:05:40.000Z (24 pics total)
India: Varanasipublished 2013-02-01T14:21:30.000Z (16 pics total)
India, Jodhpur: Blue Citypublished 2013-01-02T07:39:41.000Z (17 pics total)
Jordan: Petra and elsewherepublished 2012-11-23T16:11:38.000Z (22 pics total)
Serbia, Belgrade Military Museumpublished 2012-10-26T11:59:10.000Z (31 pics total)
Turkey: south west aegean coastpublished 2012-10-11T12:53:14.000Z (7 pics total)
Turkey, Istanbul, Museum of Archaeologypublished 2012-09-29T20:42:48.000Z (18 pics total)
Morocco: Saharapublished 2012-09-19T02:31:06.000Z (30 pics total)
Turkey, Istanbul: randompublished 2012-09-19T02:01:39.000Z (23 pics total)
Morocco, High Atlas: just goats (ok maybe the occasional sheep)published 2012-08-13T14:18:44.000Z (19 pics total)
USA, NYC: METpublished 2012-07-27T02:07:03.000Z (67 pics total)
Art, Sculpture, Collage: Joy of Rapid Motionpublished 2012-07-10T09:53:06.000Z (8 pics total)
Spain, Canary Islands, Tenerife: Teide NPpublished 2012-05-28T12:26:00.000Z (23 pics total)
Spain, Canary Islands, Palmas de Gran Canaria: Street Artpublished 2012-05-21T11:42:20.000Z (20 pics total)
Canary Islandspublished 2012-05-21T11:04:15.000Z (15 pics total)
Spain, Barcelona: Parc Guellpublished 2012-05-07T21:55:59.000Z (25 pics total)
Greece, Athens: Graffitipublished 2012-05-01T20:41:39.000Z (30 pics total)
Egypt, Cairo: Contemporary Art Museumpublished 2012-04-22T15:22:04.000Z (55 pics total)
Pyramids at Gizapublished 2012-04-10T21:39:04.000Z (16 pics total)
Egypt, Cairo: March 2012published 2012-03-27T13:39:32.000Z (12 pics total)
UAE: Dubaipublished 2012-03-20T07:34:30.000Z (6 pics total)
Profile Photospublished 2012-02-13T07:30:36.000Z (3 pics total)
Vietnam: Hanoi and Halong Baypublished 2012-02-13T06:52:43.000Z (18 pics total)
Cambodia: Angkor Archaeological Parkpublished 2012-01-31T07:10:08.000Z (13 pics total)
Nepal, Khumbu Region: Everest Base Camp Hikepublished 2012-01-06T08:00:00.000Z (46 pics total)
Nepal: KTM, Bhaktapur, Nagarkotpublished 2011-12-08T08:00:00.000Z (14 pics total)
Philippines: Boracaypublished 2011-11-18T01:42:40.000Z (25 pics total)
Hong Kong SAR: Hong Kongpublished 2011-11-04T21:36:19.000Z (26 pics total)
Thailand, Bangkok: Temple of the Dawnpublished 2011-10-24T10:39:11.000Z (31 pics total)
Thailand: Khao Sok and Surat Thanipublished 2011-10-14T17:00:50.000Z (14 pics total)
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpurpublished 2011-09-30T19:09:26.000Z (16 pics total)
Malayasian Borneo, Kota Kinabalu: Sea to Summitpublished 2011-09-20T08:06:12.000Z (15 pics total)
Art, Paintings: Miscpublished 2011-09-12T09:44:33.000Z (23 pics total)
Malaysian Borneo, Kuching: TPK Stone Reliefspublished 2011-09-05T04:09:33.000Z (14 pics total)
Malaysian Borneo: Bako NPpublished 2011-08-30T07:00:00.000Z (25 pics total)
Malaysian Borneo, Kuching: Tua Pek Kong Templepublished 2011-08-25T07:00:00.000Z (28 pics total)
USA, CA: Death Valleypublished 2011-08-23T07:00:00.000Z (18 pics total)
USA, San Francisco: Graffitipublished 2011-08-22T07:00:00.000Z (59 pics total)
Singapore: Singaporepublished 2011-08-13T07:00:00.000Z (28 pics total)
Misc: Foodpublished 2011-08-11T07:00:00.000Z (9 pics total)
Art, Sculpture: Metalpublished 2011-08-03T23:00:49.000Z (5 pics total)
Art, Misc: A small tribute to Baudrillardpublished 2011-08-03T22:24:54.000Z (2 pics total)
Art, Sculpture, Concrete: Neptunepublished 2011-08-03T07:00:00.000Z (4 pics total)
Misc: Bizarre Signspublished 2011-07-23T07:00:00.000Z (18 pics total)
USA, Nevada: Pyramid Lakepublished 2011-07-23T07:00:00.000Z (9 pics total)
USA, CA: Lake Tahoepublished 2011-07-23T07:00:00.000Z (5 pics total)
USA, Hawaii: Honolulu and aroundpublished 2011-07-23T07:00:00.000Z (6 pics total)
USA, Colorado: Fall in the Rockiespublished 2011-07-22T07:00:00.000Z (15 pics total)
Australia: Sydneypublished 2011-07-21T07:00:00.000Z (15 pics total)
Puerto Rico: Arecibopublished 2011-07-21T07:00:00.000Z (7 pics total)
Puerto Rico: El Yunquepublished 2011-07-21T07:00:00.000Z (4 pics total)
USA, Utah: Bryce Canyonpublished 2011-07-21T07:00:00.000Z (8 pics total)
USA, GA: Cumberland Islandpublished 2011-07-21T07:00:00.000Z (3 pics total)